Wednesday, April 11, 2012

●Circle●Lenses●Gimme Gimme!

Part I:
(the links are to reviews - click to see the lenses)
Geo Flower Series in Morning Glory
EOS 3D Mesh in Pink
EOS 3D Mesh in Blue
EOS Sakura Flower in Pink
EOS Green
EOS Super Nudy in Blue

Part II:

Geo Xtra Diamond in Violet, Grey and Blue

I've put buying lenses off for a while now for many reasons like my prescription needed updating or not in the budget but I really want to at least buy on pair so I've really been searching into buying a pair though now I've come across two new problems finding my prescription and now trust. Sites that people once trusted to provide circle lenses are popping up left and right as fraudulent along with providing health risks.

★ Cindy Tang's Not So Sexy Eyes Anymore - Cindy's account on her eye infection - no pictures

★ Mint's How Defective Circle Lenses Damaged My Eyes - Mint's account dealing with the same provider as Cindy + with infected eye pictures.

★ Jilky's Circle Lenses - Her story of how she discovered a site was carrying fake products and passing them off as real. And when confronted how the provider responded + pictures of comparison

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whoa! I disappeared for quite some time didn't I?

Well with my new job my days are very short (・。・;) So I won't be on very often though I hope I can update at least once a week but this is not commitment, really.

But I do have a bit of posts that I would like to get up soon so keep an eye out!