Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My quest to have the most kawaii/daebak Iphone ever!*:・゚✧

No, but really I finally bought myself an Iphone.

It is my first smart phone ever and really the first phone I've ever had that I can customize (Okay, okay,  so when I had a trackfone my mother bought me this neat rainbow-ish holographic butterfly sticker for my screen and I was fashion tops among my friends*:・゚✧) and customize I freaking will!

My first step in customization is........drumroll...........APPS!*:・゚✧

You probably saw that coming but let me tell you the most important part of these apps........they're free!*:・゚✧

Listed below are the apps I've downloaded thus far:

  • Instagram (photo editing)
  • Cooking Mama Lite(game)
  • Land-a-panda (game) *:・゚✧
  • Charuca Purikura (purikura photo editing)
  • Pudding Camera (Korean photo editing)
  • PixLromatic (photo editing)
  • 美图秀秀 (Japanese photo editing) *:・゚✧