Monday, October 29, 2012

Candi Mafia Yet Donuts & Cupcakes?!

Really when I thought of the name Candi Mafia I meant for it to encompass all areas of sweets but I couldn't think of a name that wasn't already taken, Sweet Streets (Gang), or that I really liked.

When I thought of this name I also was thinking mafia as a cutesy, marshmallow shooters vs real guns type of thought train, kind of thing similar to what you find in the creepy cute fashions.

And even as it was Candy Mafia is in use by a Thai girl group and an online candy store henceforth the i instead of y spelling.

Ok~ I deviated a bit there 

My main point being that I've been messing with my blogs template and such as you can see it's had a bit of cosmetic done to it with some function and tidying up as well.

It feels a lot more put together now but not sure how long it will set this way~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

DropDeadKawaii Sailor Moon Iphone Case Giveaway

This giveaway only has one entry, atm, and I am shocked I know there are a lot of Sailor Moon and Iphone users out there so where are you all at?!

Details in the link~

Important note: This giveaway ends tomorrow OCT 15 @ 6pm EST and is open to the US only