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Cosmetics Spotlight º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º BLACKHEART Cosmetics

A few months ago Hot Topic released that they would be carrying an exclusive line of cosmetics which had me a little curious though I've never really shopped Hot Topic for cosmetics except for a Morbid Cosmetics (which seems to be dropped by Hottopic and I can find no information on) black lipstick which was a great product although it had an odd scent and a Hello Kitty stackable palette which was horrible all around. 

And so I waited....forgot abou
t....for more information about the Blackheart line then one day came across the products when a MUA I follow made a review post which lead me to the brands site + Hot Topic section.

"Blackheart is fashion lingerie for young women ages 18-30. Our collection of bras, panties, corsets, hosiery, rock apparel, sleepwear, accessories and beauty products is hot, edgy, sometimes cheeky and always rock star sexy. Prepare to feel fearless, daring and confident... and a little naughty, too."

As you read above the Blackheart line is not only cosmetics it also carries lingerie, clothing,  accessories (the harnesses being the most interesting for me) and some footwear but for this feature we are focusing on their cosmetic line alone.

And while Blackheart is an exclusive line for Hot Topic it does have it own stand alone stores in select malls ( sadly there are only two in TX and three in CA).

A big bonus for this brand is it's affordability the highest priced item featured here is only $16.50!

Well enough talking lets look into some of the products~

Image heavy


Eye gem tattoos from left to right iridescent, jet black and mixed (iridescent, clear and jet) @ $12.50

Lipglosses from top left to bottom right Candy Smack, Clean Slate, Deadly Oleander and Red Ahead @ $5.00

Eyeshadow Quads from top left to bottom right Blue, Nude, Purple and Smokey @ $8.50

Falsies top left to bottom right Natural, Magenta Tips, Feathered and Glow Star @ $6.50 
Note: The falsies are located under the main tab Accessories in the sub tab Toy Box

Miscellaneous Mix from top left to bottom right Black Light Body Paints @ $16.50, Deadly Skull Perfume @ $14.50, First Love Lipstick @ $5.00 and Glitter Liner Press On @ $9.50

Felt Tip Liners left to right Beet It and Mainliner @ $5.00

Glitter Palettes from left to right Killer Cupcake, Contact High and Mermaid Waters @ $7.00

Gel Based Liners left to right Diamond Night (metallic), Glitter's Edge (glitter) and Raven Maven (glitter) @ $5.00

Nail polishes from left to right Mint to Be, Primpin' and Violent Tendencies @ $5.00

Stealth Primer (left) @ $5.00 and Fool Proof Mascara (right) @ $5.00

Note: These are not all the products carried on the Blackheart site.


Blinding Black Light Shadows @ $5.00

Lipsticks left to right First Love, Poison Kiss and Sure Shot @ $5.00

Nail Polishes left to right Hot Pink Stack, Dark Alley and Pastel Glow Stack @ $5.00 

Lipsticks from left to right Cherry and Melodrama @ $5.00

Miscellaneous from top left to bottom right Wicked Nightmare @ $5.00, Primero Glitter Palette @ $7.00, Skinny Lippn' Lipgloss @ $5.00 and Teal Death Glitter Liner @ $5.00

Note: These are not all the products carried by Hot Topic

Please note that these are not the full product lists from either site and also that I got all this information from their respective sites.

I'm also unable to tell you if all products, if any,  are available at your local Hot Topic or if all items are sold in Blackheart's select stores.

That's the end of today's spotlight, spotlight is a series I'm going to try and up keep and do with other stores and products as well at the moment I've got a few cosmetics brands lined up in some later posts and feel free to recommend products to be featured even if they are your own product (note: not all products/companies will be featured just because they are recommended).

On today's last peep you should swing by Monroe Misfit (the MUA whose review made me remember) to check out cosmetic looks that use products that were featured today then some!

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