Thursday, May 23, 2013

Primping and Pampering + My Sugarpill First Order

Wow it has been awhile since I made a post here I've had quite a busy schedule though so if you'll forgive me

Anyways since I lasted posted I have been doing as the title suggests a bit of primping and pampering to and for myself.

Which includes buying an order from Sugarpill Cosmetics

  • Burning Heart Palette
  • Sweetheart Palette
  • Bulletproof pressed shadow
  • Angel Baby Falsies
  • Stormy Falsies
  • Extras sent to me: Royal Sugar loose pigment sample, Glitter Sugarpill logo sticker and a Sugarpill bussiness card.
I've followed Amy aka Shrinkle since 200?-ish back on Myspace and have been following Sugarpill's launch just waiting for the moment I could get my hands on some of the goodies

I would have bought all three Hearts palettes but Heartbreaker was, and still is, sold out In reality I would have loved a chance to get the complete palette that was available at IMATS but I have no such luck

I haven't used the falsies or Royal Sugar yet but I wear at least one color from the palettes/Bulletproof just about everyday I wear make up, which is almost everyday of the week 

I was considering doing a review on the products but I figure with the status/past experienced reviews/my lack of experience that there isn't really a need to but if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

I also finally went and got myself a haircut!

Sorry no imageI'm sensitive you know?

Any waysI got it cut from the top of my waist to the middle of my back with layers and a side swept kind of bang though a friend put the thought in my head to maybe cut it shorter I'm not sure yet though because of all the times I tried short hair I never liked it but my new stylist seems to understand my wants and my hair so maybe this time will be different?

My stylist also styled my hair with a CHI hair straighter but curled instead of straightened my hair which I've heard of people doing but never really looked into but I totally should have because I loved the soft bouncy curls

I'm also thinking of dyeing my hair but as always I'm completely unsure!

My stylists recommended a pink or soft orange because I want to do pastels but for the purple or blue I was thinking she said she'll have to take my dark brown to white and the bleaching

Or she suggested that I try to just blend the colors with my natural color.

Well that's all the catching up for now! My next post will be about my visit to the Ulta esthetician for a face mapping~

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