Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Dermalogica Face Mapping Session

This post was supposed to happen awhile back but I wasn't able to get the actual mapping done as soon as I wanted and then I never had the time to write out the post.

But anyways lets get down to the post~

My face mapping took place in my local Ulta, which is not a very large location, in a medium sized room on a table/bed that is similar to those found in a doctor's office.

Which was apparently different then a usual free session visit that takes place on the sales floor with a microscopic mirror in a basic chair so in a way I got lucky

Once we entered the room the esthetician instructed me to lay down and remove my glasses then she gave a pair of what looked like sun tanning goggles to protect my eyes from the light on the magnifying lens she would be using.

Then she started examining my face with the lens which involved her touching my face, she had washed her hands before starting the exam, which was highly relaxing as the room had soft lighting, no music and her hands were cool

After she was done examining with the lens she informed me the problem areas she noticed which she also marked on the chart that you are given at the end of your session.

The chart is a bit larger then this because it includes the products that are recommended for you.

My problems were my forehead (3 and 1) is dehydrated, the top of my t-zone/eyebrows (2), the lower side of my temples (in the zone of 8 and 6) are breakout zones and my cheeks and nose ( 5-7-9) have large pores.

 None of these are new information to me but I was glad to find out that there were no other issues I was missing, she told me I had great skin which was so lovely to hear~, and also I was here to get some advice/ guidance to handling those issues.

She then went to ask me what my current regime was and the products that I am currently using were.

My current skincare is
  • AM/PM washing of my face with Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Scrub or Cream Cleanser it depends on which is available when I go to the store 
  • Yes! To Tomatoes Clear Skin Moisturizer in the AM
  • Yes! To Carrots Night Repairing Cream in the PM
  • Maybelline's  Dream Fresh BB Cream (I really do not care for this product it's coverage is alright but it's consistency is weird and you can feel it which is always gross but at the moment it is my SPF)
  • Bare Minerals Mineral Veil Setting Powder 
Of course that is just my skincare daily routine this does not include days where I wear full on makeup which then adds a bit more product to this list.

Note: I also informed her at this time I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide - it cause my skin to turn red, swell up, itch, burn and peel so it's not pleasant.

The last step in the session was products that she recommends now this is set up through Dermalogica so of course it was from their products the she recommended from entirely.

For both AM and PM she recommended these products
  • PreCleanse
  • Multi-Active Toner
  • Active Moist
  • Clearing Skin Wash
  • Oil Control Lotion
For PM alone she recommended only one product which was the 
  • Daily Microfoliant
And for a weekly use she recommended a
  • Skin Hydrating Mask

Product Images, Prices & Links

Precleanse $37.00

So when all products are added up with shipping costs my order total amounts to $309.75USD.

I'm not sure if I'll give these products ago or not being what I'd have to pay out every time I need to restock.

At the moment I haven't had to replace my moisturizer which I use every day in the last few months but my face wash is a monthly replace sometimes twice a month. 

That being said it's quite possible that I would not need to replace as often as I would be using more products so I would use less of each individual product.

I also did get to sample the active moist and oil control lotion during my appointment and I would not need to use a lot of the product to cover.

In the end I think it very likely that I will them a try but if I don't see the results that I like I will discontinue use when it comes to restocking time.

I'm curious:

Have you ever done a face mapping (at Ulta or elsewhere)?

Do you know your problem areas?

What's your current skin routine?

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